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Desire for additional children declined among women who had achieved their desired number of children and who might need contraception for any on births.

Westoff originally proposed eight measures of unmet contraceptive need. One way Anova was applied to study association of haematological indices between three trimester and Tukey and Games Howell post hoc test was applied to study within group differences among the three trimester with haematological indices.

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A flood-causing factor often cited is the synchronization of high inflows through the Ganges and the Brahmaputra. To gain knowledge about perceived attitude towards contraception, respondents were asked whether their husbands, older family members and female friends and neighbors approved or disapproved of family planning.

Duration of marriage is also correlated with contraceptive use. The account will immediately cease to operate in case of the followings: Persons with early syphilis identified through blood or plasma donation screening in United states.

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A comprehensive charge control based analysis of the effect of donor-layer doping and donor-layer thickness on the P, R and C noise coefficients of a symmetric tied-gate InAlAs/InGaAs DG-HEMT. This paper presents a novel technique based on Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) which is applied to the optimal number, size, and location of DG units to minimize the active power loss and improve the.

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During the last two decades, Bangladesh has achieved commendable success in its national family planning programme. The average annual increase in the CPR for the last 15 years is 2%, the current use of family planning methods has increased six-fold from about 8% .

Term paper by dipankar howlader
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