Life lessons of living abroad in

More from my site. And when I arrived at my school and saw my classroom, I was surprised by the world map. Confronting an unfamiliar situation and coming out on top is one of the most exhilarating Life lessons of living abroad in ever, knowing that you can leave your comfort zone and that despite everything, you can handle it.

I had no shroud of anonymity. The answer is usually both.

Expat Life Lessons: Reflections on Two Years Living Abroad

I rolled my eyes — I was different, I thought — I loved my friends, family and life in London far too much to ever contemplate a permanent move. However, I do believe that travel and student exchange are, without any doubt, powerful medicine for a world continuously wobbling in the wake of violence, hatred and bigotry.

You may not be local, but there will always be a part of that culture, that city, that will never leave you. This is the time to embrace other cultures, ask questions, and appreciate other ways of life. I learned that sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to get what you want.

Expat Life Lessons: Reflections on Two Years Living Abroad

Since I moved to London I changed houses three times plus a room change last month and every time I marvel at the amount of stuff I have. In different ways all these places feel like home.

Even if technically it is, or should be, the same thing. So here it goes. While travelling your patience levels are constantly tested. As you could probably expect… I learned that, even though my friends and I come from different countries and cultures, we can still understand and support each other through hard times.

4 life lessons best learned by living abroad

She dreams of travelling the world and becoming a journalist, is passionate about dance and crazy for her own curly hair. I mean I did manage to lose 15 kg during my exchange, which usually is the other way around. Just wait for the next wave. Despite getting rid of some of the extra stuff at every house move, I always seem to accumulate more.

Before visiting the bank, I need to translate anything I want to ask. Here I think I found some routine and direction in my life, and now I have a bit clearer for me what I want for my future.

To all those packing their bags, enrolling to study abroad, or working hard as teachers, parents or volunteers so young people can venture forth into the world: I learned that everything is a matter of priorities. And I hope that one day you have the opportunity to understand it and feel it too.

Strolling around the terraced rice fields of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia You will miss things Both in the sense that you will miss home, and in the sense that you will miss out on things that happen at home. You typically choose the top destinations and fill your days doing things you enjoy. I think I just became a more relaxed person in general, which Aoife did point out when she visited me recently, and I started to take more care of myself both mentally and physically.

This is, perhaps, a lesson learned simply by getting a little older — but experiencing the intricacies of culture shock over a period of years definitely helped me figure this one out.

When I moved from my home country, Brazil, to study at EF Academy, Oxford I was tired of hearing about how studying abroad was a great experience.

Sure, you may have some idea what other nations think, but it is likely watered down. What do you think?

6 Lessons Living Abroad Has Taught Me About Life

The international students on a trip to Darien Lake Amusement Park. M picking cherries in our back yard, Armenia Exploring the Echmiadzin cathedral, Armenia 2. I developed almost familial-like reliances and relationships that were borne within an instant; and the friendships are the sort that will stay with me forever.

I learned that everything is a matter of priorities. I grew up in Milan but spent every summer as a kid in SardiniaI then moved to London for university and lived there for five years. You Will Develop New Skills This might seem like a really slap-you-in-the-face-obvious point but bare with me.Living in another country has brought new people into my life whose friendship I can’t imagine my life without.

My time in Korea has shown me that friends you make while living overseas are special because you go through an incredibly unique experience together. The takeaways I now have and the lessons I’ve learned will benefit me for life, in ways that surpass the benefits of a paycheck. I encourage anyone who wants to see just how far they can stretch themselves to take a chance on the experience of living abroad.

Life lessons from living abroad Forcing yourself outside of your comfort zone is a good thing — even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. Whether you do that on your home turf is up to you and you certainly don’t have to make a major life change like a move abroad to challenge yourself.

Though you can learn foreign languages quite well right in your home country using free online tools like Skype, YouTube, language exchange sites like iTalki, podcasts, etc., none of these are a substitute for the transformational power of living, learning, and working abroad.

Neither is. Living overseas has taught me more in one year than I’ve learned in my entire life.

4 life lessons best learned by living abroad

That’s right — more than I learned in university or working a full-time job. Living in South Korea has taught me little things: I can proudly open a bottle of beer with chopsticks (though I can’t promise the.

10 Life Lessons Learned from Living Abroad I was recently looking back on the times that I moved abroad, (three in case your counting) and I was thinking to myself what were some of the lessons I learned along the way.

Life lessons of living abroad in
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