Case study methods in international political economy

Central to the course is the so-called "Asian Miracle. Assessment All taught courses are required to include formative coursework which is unassessed.

MPhil Politics (Comparative Government)

Blatter, Joachim, and Markus Haverland. POLS Issues in Social Justice An examination of ethical issues that pertain to social justice, addressing such topics as the distribution of wealth, affirmative action and quotas, sexual equality, gay rights, the morality of war, punishment, and responsibility.

LSE uses a range of formative assessment, such as essays, problem sets, case studies, reports, quizzes, mock exams and many others.

PS - Mediation Procedure 1 credit hour Prerequisite: With regard to environmental treaty ratification, Bernauer and colleagues And it might induce some jurisdictions to serve as pollution havens attracting dirty foreign direct investment. Familiarizes students with the role of both national and international organizations in global politics.

POLS Politics and Development of the Middle East An introduction to the concerns of contemporary political, economic, and social development such as state consolidation, ethnic and social movements, poverty, and conflict through study of the political economy of the Middle East.

Critical Methods in Political and Cultural Economy

It is expected that the contributions themselves will consist primarily of within-case analyses based on historical process-tracing, essentially analyses of individual regions and actors across time. Instead, when considering the relationship between economic globalization and the environment, it is important to consider the interactions between scale, composition, and technique effects created by different national characteristics and trade and investment opportunities.

MSc Political Economy of Europe

Ethical organisation of the research involves awareness of ethical issues, of ethical consent procedures and of their implications for research design and practical organisation.

Theory, methods, and ethical components of alternative dispute resolution ADR ; emphasis on various forms of mediation, but including other ADR formats such as arbitration, negotiation, and summary jury trial.

The prime emphasis is on national politics, especially the interaction of the executive and legislative, including presidential decision-making.

Global Political Economy MA

Stylized environmental Kuznets curve. Higher work place standards could discourage foreign investment in developing countries, and working conditions should improve through economic transitioning Oatley, This review therefore evaluates different mechanisms through which globalization might affect the environment.

Governments must ensure foreign investment improves domestic standard of living and increases opportunities for the poor instead of solely benefiting MNCs or creating greater inequality. Focuses on case studies of major Supreme Court decisions dealing with civil liberties. PS - Latin American Politics 3 credit hours Comparative analysis of the institutions, functions, and aspects of culture of the Latin American nation-states and their relevance to understanding international relations, world politics, and diplomacy.

PS - American Political Thought 3 credit hours Major thinkers and movements in American political thought from colonial times to the twentieth century with special emphasis on the thoughts of the framers of the American Constitution and their contemporaries.

This is an accessible guide for case study research whose primary audience is students. PS - Interest Groups and Social Change 3 credit hours Examines role of interest groups in American politics and the policymaking process, including the role of lobbyists, money, and politics, and case studies of several specific interest groups.

POLS Public Administration in Canada An overview of the public administration in Canada — its importance, structure, functions, key issues, best practices, and practical applications. Higher see 'assessing your application' Location Houghton Street, London For more information about tuition fees and entry requirements, see the fees and funding and assessing your application sections.

MSc International Political Economy

A comparative study of how basic concepts, principles, and institutions associated with different expressions of liberal-democratic governments highlight the diversity of political experience, reveal the interdependence of political systems and show the uniqueness of Canada's political system.

On-the-job training will be supplemented with lectures and other activities. The Case Study Anthology. PS - British Government and Films 3 credit hours The evolution of parliamentary government in the United Kingdom and its current distinctive characteristics, processes, and functions in contrast to other parliamentary regimes.

It will also explore how political, economic and social processes of globalisation and development intersect, impact, and are in turn influenced by gender relations in the South.

This module takes a twofold approach to introduce you to theories and practice of governance and institutional reform in developing countries. More recently, IPE scholars have started to study the political dimensions of globalization and how they are related to environmental protection efforts.

POLS Law, Public Policy, and Cultural Change The historical and contemporary debate in Canada on what constitutes culture and our contemporary cultural challenges; how Christians interface with that culture and the role of organized religion; Christian critique of culture and the methodologies and perspectives of various entities that seek to influence culture.

International Politics and Economics MA

Mel Smith Lecture and Scholarship: This will include a theoretical engagement with the concepts of globalisation, regionalisation and regionalism as well as an analysis of empirical changes in the areas of international trade, finance, production and development with a particular emphasis on the current global economic crisis.

Political practicum courses are included in the degree. Aristotelianism, Utilitarianism, Contractarian Liberalism, and Marxism. China has invested in and provided aid to Africa but is accused of ignoring human rights violations to protect profit interests.

Space activity has both detractors and proponents:() argues that “case study methods have dominated the study of IPE [international political economy] over the last three decades” (p.

56). 1 Comparative Political Studies. Next article in issue: Mortgaging Security for Economic Gain: U.S. Arms Policy in an Insecure World Next article in issue: Mortgaging Security for Economic Gain: U.S.

Arms Policy in an Insecure World IPE scholars frequently use qualitative methods to contribute to theory-building, but we could get. And Evergreen graduates with a political economy or political science background have gone on to careers in areas such as international relations, economics, journalism, teaching, labor and community organizing, human rights and global justice, social work, public policy, law, and public health.

The module will introduce you to the main approaches to international political economy, provide a brief overview of the post-war international political economy, before the main focus is turned towards globalisation and the related structural changes in the global economy.

Comparative politics is a field in political science, characterized by an empirical approach based on the comparative other words, comparative politics is the study of the domestic politics, political institutions, and conflicts of countries.

Case Studies of the Political Economy of Science Granting Councils in Sub-Saharan Africa FULL REPORT To the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

Case study methods in international political economy
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