Biological nuclear and radiological attacks essay

It is often used by international agencies and government officials to discuss a particular class of unconventional weapons.

In MayBioPrepWatch reported that the Russian security service ordered over "capsule cradles", which are devices that people can use to protect infants or even small pets in the event of a nuclear, chemical, biological, or radiological threat.

The NCTC noted that, inthere were approximately 11, terrorist attacks resulting in more than 54, deaths, injuries, and kidnappings. The reason why terrorists are interested in CBRN hazards is because so many senior leaders keep vocalizing how afraid they are of this particular threat.

However, the question should not be, is this too much money, but rather, how well is the money spent toward achievable goals? I already mentioned the lack of vaccines and medical countermeasures for biological agents.

CBRNE is a new term that is being used in both civilian and military organisations. Because we want to focus on the federal response, we need to quantify that number to understand what federal actions are adequate.

This was supposed to provide a basic level of protection for the installation. Using point detectors for national special security events makes sense. There was no clear intelligence to support this, but it was a gut feeling based on the belief that terrorists liked mass casualties and domestic military installations were the top targets.

Some people fear that al Qaeda is going to somehow obtain a nuke from Pakistan, disable the safety mechanisms, and transport it to a U.

It was not a sustainable strategy if one demanded eternal vigilance at all locations with the goal of eliminating all threats. My research revealed that there are significant limitations on the progress made over the past five years.

Airplanes used to cause mass casualty events are not WMD. He served as a U. DHS should focus on providing installation security assessments and identify ways to assist industry rather than being watchdogs. We should not act as if a terrorist group has the capability to do as much damage as a nation with an active WMD program.

It is more likely that state and local emergency responders will be able to address the majority of CBRN terrorist incidents short of that kiloton eventgiven adequate training and preparation. But in the end, we know how to address hazardous material incidents, right?

CBRN defense

Some fear that al Qaeda will build a crude nuclear bomb, using technical expertise and material through the global economy. Any commercial use of Homeland Security Affairs or the articles published herein is expressly prohibited without the written consent of the copyright holder.

We need to look at the process by which terrorists develop their tools and understand that it is by defeating the terrorists that we can stop the CBRN threat. The key here is that CBRN hazards do not have to be used in great quantity or to result in mass casualty events to be a concern to the public.

The Homeland Security Planning Scenarios are ridiculously unrealistic in portraying the expected threats to the homeland. The activists for homeland security exist on both the right and the left, especially on issues such as missile defense and border control.

Both address WMD issues, but from differing perspectives. Conclusions Homeland security is not a new issue. First it was the fear of German and Japanese bombers and missiles hitting U.What is the likelihood of terrorists using CBRN weapons; What is the likelihood of terrorists using CBRN weapons.

B. biological, radiological and nuclear. Each weapon has both benefits and fallbacks and thus the likelihood of terrorists using them varies from weapon to weapon. Another argument against the likelihood of terrorists using.

The Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Terrorism Threat from the Islamic State Carole N. House C hemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons into Western countries to expand its attacks into the West.9 IS perhaps has felt it.

This essay examines the issues of how DHS has prepared for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear terrorism incidents.

CBRN Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear weapons - Essay Example

DHS should address these threats in a consistent and holistic manner, but instead the federal government has developed singular hazard-based approaches to each threat. PREFACE This report presents an individual’s strategy for preparing for, and responding to, terrorist attacks involving chemical, radiological, nuclear, and biological.

Biological, Nuclear and Radiological Attacks - In the year’s ahead, chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological attacks will grow higher as terrorist’s and anarchist’s weapons become more scientifically and technologically advanced.

In the year’s ahead, chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological attacks will grow higher as terrorist’s and anarchist’s weapons become more scientifically and technologically advanced. So, we need CBNR’s to answer the call and defend our country from dangerous chemical, Biological.

Biological nuclear and radiological attacks essay
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