Arc notebook system business planner

I think his approach would work if you kept everything electronically, but for those of us who are mostly on paper we have to divide and conquer.

I also prettied up the edges of the pages with colorful washi tape.

How To Use Divider Tabs To Organize Your Planner

Time for some perspective. Instead of two fixed rotating rings, there's a series of discs with edges that are --in cross-section-- like a "T" with a rounded top. More on that later. Then, because enough is never enough, I designed some pages for the Arc planner as well as made some downloads from the internet work for it too.

It's certainly an imaginative solution to the problem of producing the many holes needed for Circa binding. Oh, it started a few years ago, after my Palm IIIc crashed. Use this set alone, or in conjunction with our awesome Weekly or Daily Dockets!

2016 Planner Guide

And the To-do pages have space for notes on the reverse side. Comparing it to a Filofax Boston A5 with 20 mm rings: No, I use two of them, a pocket and a regular, plus a couple of PaperBlanks.

Arc Planner: What Is It?

Truly, every box looked like a handsome gift. Some of the ways that I use these are for: You can read my disagreement here. Here's how to print our Seasonal pages.

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The weekly booklet has 6 months of weeks. They are wider than my regular letter sized sheets so it is easy to find them sticking out. Introducing the Circa System Anyone who may have used a Rolodex back in the glorious days of paper contact management knows the basic mechanism behind the Circa series.

Here is the back of the book. How do you manage your schedule, to-dos, and notes? My business has changed lately. William Hannah would like to offer Philofaxy readers a free 50 sheet pack of plain paper if they order a notebook.

A day per page diary can combine some of the above items as well. I just love it. The flexible covers are all made of slightly-cloudy translucent plastic, about double the thickness of a typical plastic report cover, and are slightly larger than the paper they're meant to cover.

Ultimately, for me, whatever system I used HAS to keep me organised.Here is my recommendation for the Basic Disc Notebook System: 1. An Arc leather notebook (comes with the necessary discs) 2.

A blend of Rhodia annotation paper made for Levenger and narrow-margined Arc paper 3. Arc pocket page dividers (the pockets are Manufacturer: Staples. Staples Arc Punch Vs Levenger Circa Leverage Punch - posted in Paper and Pen Paraphernalia: Does anyone own or has anyone owned these hole punchers.

I just bought the Staples Arc punch.

Why I’m no longer using my Bullet Journal.

I have heard that the Levenger Circa punch punches a bigger hole, so it is easier to turn the pages when installed.

Is it true that it punches a bigger hole than the Staples brand Arc puncher, or is the hole. The ultra-flexible design of the M by Staples® ARC notebook allows you to add, remove, and rearrange pages and accessories as your needs change. Organise all your notes, tasks and to-do lists with the M by Staples® ARC customisable notebook system.

Sorta offers a number of notebook styles, but the interesting thing is that the paper is always removable and swappable, so you can put grid paper in for diagramming and lined paper in for taking.

So I was wandering around Staples looking for nothing in particular when I happened upon this Arc planner system. I looked it over for quite awhile while my daughter shopped elsewhere and decided to try one notebook.

Just to see if I liked it. I comes with blank lined sheets.

Review: The Levenger Circa System, Part I

You should have no issue swapping and chopping these two systems which is a big plus point and obviously what Revolution were aiming for. In terms of pricing, this Revolution notebook cost $ in store (£) and a Junior Arc is about $ (£) on the website.

Arc notebook system business planner
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